Welcome to Chanoyu

Escape the hectic fast-pace of life and immerse yourself in the charming heritage of our hidden retreat, nestled in the heart of Collingwood. Allow yourself to relax and de-stress in a beautiful intimate environment where your every need is attended to individually. A chance for you to relax and rejuvenate your tired soul with a range of customised treatment solutions.

We exist to educate and help women of all ages to improve the health of their skin, inspiring their natural radiant beauty to shine. Everything we do at Chanoyu is customised to your individual needs to maximise results and improve your individual wellbeing. You will have our complete attention each and every visit, ensuring that every skin issue is addressed.

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to wellbeing and believe that true beauty is resonated both inside and out. It is this approach that allows us to deliver a synergistic experience of relaxation and results, leaving you with both a calm mind and glowing radiant skin.


  • I came here completely on a whim after going to the Wabi Sabi restaurant. It was a great experience! Perhaps I am mistaken but I think I had been here before at a city location. In any case, the whole spa radiates with calm and sensuality. The warmth of the wooden furnishings and the sweetness of the staff are sure to please. The treatments are reasonably-priced and great Pola products are used. I left feeling envigorated and relaxed!
  • The people are really so hospitable! You really feel the nature of people living in oriental countries. That’s the best part of this Spa. The services are very relaxing and stress relieving as well.
    Muhammad Gibbs
  • so impressed and satisfied with their service. . i felt relaxed and stress free, great staff they have and very knowledgeable. good quality of products they use, the place was so clean and i really love the smell as you enter the spa.
    Wavina Vienne
  • This is the place I’ve been looking for. The place that I can relax and forget the fact that i am paying for it. Should recommend this to my friends. The spa was great, the staff was polite and nice and the pay was worth it.
  • This place is amazing!! If you want to experience true relaxation and luxury, this is the place to go. I do not have a bad word to say about this place and I recommend it to everyone. The staff are so lovely and professional and make you feel so comfortable. can’t wait to go back!!
  • love their spa journey package. it was perfect! i feel relax stress free. . i have now my beautiful skin. im very satisfied of their services, they really take good care of your skin like their own. . . impressive! must try~!
At Chanoyu we provide an intimate environment where our guests can relax and restore their sense of wellbeing. Our mission is to help people to truly relax and take better care of themselves. Our services are inspired by the art of the Japanese tea ceremony ritual which involves being mindful, welcoming and respectful. These values have been carried into our practice at Chanoyu where we honour our guests with our full attention each and every time they visit.
Phone : (03) 9653 9476 / 0432 214 851
Address : 1st Floor, 94 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066 (Upstairs of Wabi Sabi Salon – Japanese Restaurant. Enter via the main entrance of the restaurant.)
Email : info@chanoyuspa.com.au