“Melbourne’s best-kept secret retreat”

Chanoyu is a Japanese word meaning Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Chanoyu Urban Retreat is an award-winning day spa and is “Melbourne’s best kept secret retreat”. The Retreat is nestled in Smith St Collingwood, one of the most well-known dining and cultural districts in Melbourne.

Chanoyu offers you an exclusive experience where you are the only guest having treatment at any time or, if you wish, you can share the experience with a loved one, or friend.

The Chanoyu Urban Retreat philosophy is inspired by the art of the Japanese traditional tea ceremony ritual which is about being mindful, respectful and welcoming. We carry this practice through everything we do at Chanoyu with each experience you have with us. Your journey begins with you being welcomed by a Chanoyu therapist. As you are greeted and invited to remove your shoes, you will enter the room designed in Japanese Ryokan (Japanese Inn) style and when seated on the zabuton (seating cushion), tea will be served. Serving tea before and after your treatment is our ritual to begin and to end the Chanoyu experience: we serve the finest quality Japanese tea from Japan with seasonal flavours!

Chanoyu Urban Retreat has been recommended by media and bloggers as one of the most traditional and best Japanese Spas in Melbourne. Chanoyu has been given an award for Customer Service Excellence three times and was a Finalist in the Australian Beauty Industry Awards 2017 for Customer Care.

Chanoyu Urban Retreat is about Purity, Harmony and Tranquillity and “Let us take care of you, so you can take better care of others”




Expanding on the philosophy of our Chanoyu Urban Retreat – Purity, Harmony & Tranquillity, at our Chanoyu Wellness Retreat we believe that when your body, mind and spirit are in alignment, you achieve the highest wellness goal. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to encourage true beauty from within.

We offer a complete range of treatments and therapies drawn from the Japanese principles of nature and balance with a strong focus on anti-aging resulting from our unique approach.

We encourage healthy relationships hence we offer multiple treatment rooms to cater for couples and group bookings.

The Retreat features a salt therapy room, steam room, wet treatment room and yoga studio.

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Our Team

Meet Anne – The soul of Chanoyu

Anne is an entrepreneur, international qualified beauty therapist and beauty trainer.
Even as a little girl Anne has had a passion for everything beauty, beauty of nature, beauty of people, beauty of cultures and beauty of architectures. It has always been her dream to help others look good and feel great about themselves. After graduating from Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College in Melbourne, Anne knew that she had something more to offer her clients so she refined her ideas, experience & cultural background and has created something unique….a total wellbeing experience utilising her own personal touch!

Inspired by her love of beauty, Anne travelled extensively to explore beautiful things. She travelled all over Asia, with Japan in particular leaving long lasting impressions. She fell in love with the Japanese hot spring spa culture and Japanese hospitality. It lights up Anne’s vision to create this special experience in Melbourne where her client can enjoy the experience while having a treatment without having travelled to Japan. Chanoyu was established in 2009.

More than a treatment, your time at Chanoyu is an ultimate experience!

Anne is a perfectionist, with exceptional attention to detail and she delivers the highest standards of customer service. Anne believes customer service naturally comes from heart when you genuinely care so she inspires to build long lasting & nurturing relationships with each and every client.

Anne’s passion continues to grow and she shares her education, knowledge & skills by training therapists to be exceptional in their field.


Meet Angely

Angely is a beauty therapist, makeup artist and eyebrow designer. She also used to be a fitness model.

Angely is passionate about helping others look good and feel great about themselves. “I want to help others gain more self-esteem, as well as be more confident and happier in life” – Angely.

“Angely’s treatment was an experience that took me to a holiday island. It was deeply relaxing and calming, my skin still feels moistened and smooth from the treatment. Angely gave me much more than I expected and I’m looking forward to another treatment soon.” – Junko

“I had a very deep relaxation experience from Angie’s massage and facial. Her massage was great! It released tension from my body and the aroma from the oils was so lovely. The facial was amazing and made my skin so toned and glowing!! I highly recommend the combined massage and facial treatment.” – Suseri

Meet Angely

Meet Huma

Huma is a beauty therapist and makeup artist. She’s also a mother of three grown up kids.
She believes that beauty is a balance of inner wellbeing through to outer looks. So beside having a healthy lifestyle, it is also important to take care of your skin and to relax.
Huma wants to remind everyone to take excellent care of themselves so they can give more to others.

“I had a deeply relaxing and refreshing treatment from Huma, the facial and foot treatment felt so amazing. When the treatment was done I hadn’t even notice the time that had passed, my skin looked so refreshed as if my skin was glowing. On top of that the tea I was served before and after the treatment was the best I’ve had, can’t wait for my next visit!” – Luke

Meet Huma
Our Product Partners

Germaine de Capuccini

The ultimate in luxury skin care products, available at more than 20,000 spas and salons across 85 countries, with exquisite rituals and results driven treatments, Germaine de Capuccini has developed skin care formulations combining natural active ingredients with cutting edge technology. We use Germaine de Capuccini products in our Skin Precision Solutions and Contemporary Anti-Aging Flow Therapies. Our clients are ensured to receive the very best luxury skincare experience, results driven treatments.



Established in 1995, in Melbourne Australia, Uspa was born with the desire to create a holistic spa experience that would restore and rejuvenate the entire being. Uspa’s harmonious blends nurture the skin and the spirit, promotion health, vitality and radiance.
Uspa is 100% Australian made and is proudly a cruelty free brand. Uspa skin care is formulated with naturally active botanical ingredients and is free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colour and fragrance. Uspa is dedicated to pure, clean skincare that utilises the best of nature through science. Uspa is featured in all our body & massage treatments, vegan treatments and retreat packages.

The Not-For- Profit Organisations we support

We love to give back and contribute to the community. Since our beginnings we’ve been actively involved and supportive of charity organisations that support women. We have a long association with the Pink Ribbon Breakfast Event and are privileged to be able to contribute to raise funds for this life-changing research.

We believe women are often too busy taking care of others to make time for themselves, so we encourage them to make time to nurture themselves knowing that they will then have more energy to share with those they love.

At Chanoyu we provide an intimate environment where our guests can relax and restore their sense of wellbeing. Our mission is to help people to truly relax and take better care of themselves. Our services are inspired by the art of the Japanese tea ceremony ritual which involves being mindful, welcoming and respectful. These values have been carried into our practice at Chanoyu where we honour our guests with our full attention each and every time they visit.
Chanoyu Urban Retreat
Address : 1st Floor, 94 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066 (Upstairs of Wabi Sabi Salon – Japanese Restaurant. Enter via the main entrance of the restaurant.)
Email : info@chanoyuspa.com.au


Welcome to Chanoyu Urban Retreat

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